Create Task #4

Today I am working on getting everything ready to upload as well as going over the checklist. I need to write out all the document pieces, take the screencast of my video making sure I stay under a minute and that it is mpv4 as a file as well as do the ovals and rectangles on my document containing my code. Once I do that, I will be all set to upload and this is all my plan for the rest of the night as my code is good to go.

Create Task #3

Sorry, I haven't been doing very many of these blog posts to check in on my create task, but overall mine is going really well. I have been looking at old examples and other things to see if there are different functions I can add to make my code even more complex, but also organized and presentable. I still want to try and add the sorted function that I used in the last lab that we while still in school to put the pizza types that are inserted into my shop in an organized manner or order of some kind. I have added colors to all the choices and my while code runs with no problems. There are also some spacing issues that I need to fix in order to make my code look more presentable, but other than that I should be able to do my screencast and write-up soon and with no problems. I also want to look at the checklist a few times for what they expect with my create task to make sure that I have everything so I can get credit/points for the work I did. I am planning to submit at the begi…

Create Task #2

Yesterday I made a lot of progress on my create task. I decided to make a store like the ice cream lab but instead pizza types instead of ice cream flavors. I would say on a scale from one to ten I am at about a seven which means I am pretty close to being done I just have a few things left that I need to work out or add little details. I didn't have a lot of trouble creating my program especially since I had the ice cream lab to look at if anything went wrong but for the most part it went very smoothly when creating my program. Over the next two days, I want to add colors to my program, figure out the spacing with some of the statements an inputs that I give to the program and possibly figure out a way to make my program sorted like the states lab we were just doing so what is in the program for pizza types is sorted in some way to make it look better and easier to follow. Other than that, everything is going really well and I haven't run into any major issues.

Create Task #1

Today is actually the first day I am going to be starting my create task. I had some troubles when deciding what I actually wanted to do for it, but after thinking about it for yesterday and most of today I decided I am going to create a similar task to the ice cream shop but obviously not have it be an ice cream shop but a shop for something else. Since I am just about to start my create task I have a lot to do placing me at a 1 on the scale, I obviously have a lot to do but I feel as though once I get going it won't take me very long. Once I see what I can accomplish today, I then will obviously decide what I have to do going forward but I am already thinking of once making my shop, I will add the sort function to my shop to make it even better.



1. This website can be used to measure the number of certain or amount of aspects in the United States. It takes life things and/or aspects and make them into numbers. For example, one specific example from this website would be the population of the different states as individuals. This type of information can be used to help people answer common questions that they may have about certain things in America such as the population.

2. I think that the visuals provided are helpful or useful to the topic of conversation that it is being looked at. For example, the map showing each state and then when you drag the cursor over the top of it is helpful because it allows one to see the number of people that live in each state and where it falls as far as one of the larger state populations or one of the lower state populations.

3. The data found on this website comes from national and state reports, thematic briefs and interactive websites. It s…

Amazon Ring Article

I think after reading this article, that this problem with the Amazon Ring is more the manufactures fault, so Amazon's. I feel that Amazon is at fault because in the article it says that the security for this product wasn't up to par. They should have created a better program when it came to passwords such as the confirmation or two-part password rather than just the simple password that the product required. I also think that when Amazon ket not being able to comment on legal matters with something as serious as hacking with one of their products, it made me feel as though this may be the law, they kind of thought it was their fault as well. The next steps for the IOT is that they need to work on making the internet a more secure place for products that require using the internet but also show or contain information that should be protected for families that buy and trust their products.